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Vircon32: Physical versions

Right now the software implementation of Vircon32 is already finished. So, just for fun, I want to design and build a physical version of Vircon32. This will include the console, all its peripherals and a few games.

This section will showcase all physical Vircon32 items that I designed and built so far. If you are interested in making your own, you can find all of my designs and art in this repository:

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GitHub repository for Vircon32 physical elements.

Game cartridges

I made a 3D printable design for a 2-part cartridge that encloses an internal USB drive containing the game ROM. Those 2 halves are assembled using self-tapping screws. Cartridge design features 2 cylindrical guides to make cartridge insertion easier.

The cartridge is completed with a back label common for all cartridges, and a front label identifying each game.

Game boxes and manuals

I also made some game boxes and manuals that are based on the PAL Super Nintendo designs. Each game features an external cardboard box, an internal tray and an instruction manual.

You can also watch this unboxing video to have a general look at how physical Vircon32 games look like. Commentary is in Spanish, but English subtitles are available.

The console

A physical version of the console itself is still in the works. The current Vircon32 emulator can already run on a Raspberry Pi 4, so my plan is to make an adapted version of the emulator that replaces extra PC features (such as GUI menus) with direct access to cartridges and any connected peripherals.

After that I will need to choose some extra components such as connectors, converters and cable extensions, and configure the pins on the Pi 4 to work with external buttons for power and reset. And finally I will design a custom case to 3D print and paint or decorate it as needed.