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Vircon32: Libraries

In addition to the compiler's standard library, there are a few additional C libraries that you can use for common tasks that are usually needed in games. You can find them in one of these 2 repositories:

Link Contents
My Vircon32 libraries (listed below).
Other Vircon32 libraries, made by the community.

The Vircon32 C compiler does not have a linker, so libraries are not precompiled: to use them you just download their full implementation and then include them in your project.

My libraries

This is a short description of all libraries I have released so far. You will find detailed comments in their code documenting their different structures and functions. And for each of them, the repository includes a simple example showing how to use it.

Printing numbers

Includes functions that make it easier to convert numbers to strings and print them with the default BIOS text font. This can be quite helpful for quick debugging.

Text fonts

Allows you to define and use custom text fonts with your own characters instead of using the default BIOS font. You can define a full ASCII font able to print general text. But if you only need to print numbers, (for example to display scores) you can also choose to use a reduced font.

Tile maps

Helps you defines tile sets and tile maps, and automates the process of handling tile map based backgrounds. It also includes functions to handle positions of camera and objects on the map.

2D vectors

A general implementation of 2D vectors with all common vector properties and operations such as modulus, addition, dot product, etc.

Drawing primitives

Allows programs to draw basic geometric shapes such as lines, rectangles, circles... You can draw them in different colors and without needing to include any additional textures.