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Vircon32: Games

Here you can find games to download and play in Vircon32. Same as the emulator, there is nothing you need to install: just unzip them to be able to open the rom with the emulator. Remember that your controls are applied to all games, since the gamepad configuration is for the console itself.

Complete games

This is the list of all currently finished games for the console. Right now it is a short list, but expect it to keep growing over time.

Game Sources Author: Carra (2021.09.21)

A port of the classic puzzle game, with improved graphics and sound.

Game Sources Author: Carra (2021.12.07)
Basic Platformer

A platformer game, simple but quite polished. Includes 30 levels split into 3 worlds. This game is also meant as an example project showing how to make a basic full game for the console.

Game Sources Author: Carra (2022.03.20)
Fierce Soldier

This is a Contra style game where you shoot at enemies in 3 levels. This game was made in 10 days, during the First Vircon32 Jam held at

Game Sources Author: Carra (2022.07.22)

A Vircon32 version of the classic Windows game. It features the same 3 board sizes but adapted to a more arcade-like experience.

Game Sources Author: Jack Brian (2022.01.02)

A Vircon32 version of the classic Pong. It allows you to play either 2-player matches, or against the CPU with 3 difficulty settings.

Game Sources Author: Carra (2022.08.10)

The classic card solitaire, now for Vircon32. This version is based on the hard difficulty setting (3 cards are drawn each time), so you will find it challenging to win!

Playable demos

Here are either demos of future complete games, or playable proofs of concept that are not planned to be developed into a full-fledged game.

Game Sources Author: Carra (2021.09.21)

A simple proof of concept for an Arkanoid style game. Movement and collisions are fully working, but you can't beat the level or die.

Game Sources Author: Carra (2021.12.26)
Triple Bubble

A bubble shooting game where you can control 3 launchers to cover a wider playfield, or play a classic mode with a single launcher.