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Vircon32: Tutorials

This section contains tutorials that will teach you how to create games for the console, and provide you with example functions and assets that you can use in your own projects.

Remember that another good learning resource is the source code of the test roms and other programs. These projects have been written taking care of code organization and including many comments to be easy to understand.

Sources Tutorials: Robot game
This is the most basic tutorial set: it begins from scratch.

It is a set of small sample projects to guide you through the different aspects of the game creation process in Vircon32. With it you will create a simple game base like the one in the image below.

Currently includes the following parts:
  • Part 1A: Hello world (with text)
  • Part 1B: Hello world (with image and sound)
  • Part 2: Player inputs and movement
  • Part 3: Using tile maps
  • Part 4: Detecting collisions
Sources Tutorials: Game creation process
This tutorial project is created to illustrate the whole process of creating a game, which is explained in the video below. It covers all needed steps at a basic level.
Sources Tutorials: Writing text
Most games or programs will need to show basic text, or even just numbers for a score. This set of tutorials shows different ways in which you can write text, from basic to more advanced.

Currently includes the following parts:
  • Part 1: Using the default font
  • Part 2: Building strings by joining parts
  • Part 3: Custom numbers with no font
  • Part 4: Constant-width font
  • Part 5: Variable-width font
  • Part 6: Text alignment
Sources Tutorials: Gem maze
Gem Maze is an example to show how to make a small, simple game with the available libraries for tile maps, collisions, etc. It was made as a sample project for participants in the 2nd Vircon32 game jam at
Sources Tutorials: Graphic effects
This is a series of more advanced tutorials showing some techniques to achieve certain graphic effects on the console.

Currently includes the following tutorials:
  • Reflections on moving water
  • Making silhouettes out of images
  • Motion blur (per-object and fullscreen)
  • Imitation of palette swaps
  • Drawing non-textured 3D polygons
  • Particle effects