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Vircon32: Quick guides

This section contains some short documents intended as a quick approach for anyone wanting to create games for the console. They serve as general tutorials and reference so that you don't need to read the full Vircon32 specification in order to make a game.

English Spanish How to make games
This is the first guide you should read. In it you will learn what a Vircon32 game contains and how you can configure your computer to be ready to make a game.
English Spanish How the console works
This guide explains the basics about the console, and gives you examples of how you would use its functions in a C program.
English Spanish Guide for the C compiler
This is a basic reference about the C language variant used in Vircon32, as well as its compiler. It will also help avoiding pitfalls for people who are familiar with the standard C language.
English Spanish Learning C language
If you want to make games in Vircon32 but you don't know C language, this guide will help you to know the basics. This document is not intended to teach you how to program from scratch, but it will help you become familiar with the language if you already knew basic programming concepts.