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Vircon32: Development tools

If you would like to create your own games for Vircon32, you can! To do it you will need to download the development tools, that you will find here. These tools are available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Just choose your version in the GitHub release page.

Link Sources Development tools for PC (version: 24.2.4)
The full set of Vircon32 development tools, for PC. With it you can create games or other programs that run in the console. You can build Vircon32 rom files from Windows, Linux, Mac or Raspberry Pi, and they will be compatible to run in all systems.
What tools are included?

The main tools are the C compiler (that transforms C code into assembly) and the assembler (that will generate machine code from that assembly). You will also need to use images and sounds in your programs, so import tools for PNG and WAV files are also included. Finally, to create a working ROM you will need to use the packer tool to join together program, images and sounds.

In addition to the 2 import tools mentioned, there is also a third import program, that allows you to create tilemaps in the Tiled! editor and import them into your programs.

What does program code look like?

Vircon32 uses a variant of the C language adapted to the specific features of the console. It does have limitations compared to regular C compilers, but overall it is very similar in practice as you can see here.

The C compiler will be expanded and improved over time, but in its current state it can already be used without problem to create complete games. You can also write your programs in assembly if you wish, but having a C compiler (even if limited) is definitely worth it and greatly lowers the knowledge needed to create games.

Texture region editor

Games will normally store multiple images in each texture. This requires some code in your program to define them. But now you can also use this tool to define those regions visually and save time. This is a .Net application so, as of now, it is only available for Windows. It probably will run well under Wine on Linux though.

Link Sources Region editor for Windows (version: 22.4.24)

This program will let you visually define the regions within your textures and generate the code for your games.