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Vircon32: Emulator

To play Vircon32 games you will need to download its emulator. You can find the PC version of the emulator here, for Windows, Linux and Mac.

The emulator already includes the console BIOS, so all you need to do to begin playing is to download some games as well.

Link Emulator for PC (version: 23.6.4)
The Vircon32 emulator for PC. It also includes a second program called EditControls, that allows you to configure your inputs for keyboard and joysticks. Visit the GitHub release link above to download the executables for Windows, Linux, Mac or Raspberry Pi 4. Instructions to install are there as well. This version is considered final except for possible bug fixes.
Link Emulator source code (all versions)
The source code in C++ for both the emulator and EditControls. You can choose all versions history from the repository, or download code from a specific version from the binary release page. The build system uses CMake.
Link BIOS source code
The source code in C and assembly for the Vircon32 BIOS included with the emulator. Its current version is 1.1.
How to configure the controls?

There is a second program included with the emulator, called EditControls. With it you can choose how to map your keyboard or joysticks to the Vircon32 gamepad, as you see in the image below. After you save these profiles you will be able to use them from the emulator for any of the 4 gamepads in Vircon32