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Vircon32: What is it?
About the author

Hi! I'm Carra, and I am the person behind this project. So far all of the work on Vircon32 (design, software, documents, etc) has been done by me. I am a self-taught programmer and for about 25 years I have been making games and similar projects. But from some time ago I focus exclusively on developing Vircon32 and creating games for it.

Contacting me

You can find me on Twitter (@vircon32). I also have a Vircon32 channel at Discord in Fantasy Consoles 2.0..

What exactly is Vircon32?

Vircon32 is a virtual game console, inspired by classic 16 & 32 bit systems as well as the arcade era. It is designed to be easy to use and simple to create games for. It is be a long-term project that aims to be very thorough. So far I already created the emulator, development tools, a full specification, tests and tutorials, and of course games.

Why was this created?

I am a fan of classic and retro games, especially arcade-style. And I wanted a game system where you can easily play and create this type of games. But when you look at the current alternatives, most of them are impractical or needlessly complex in some way:

Vircon32 attempts to provide a viable alternative to all these options, while giving a solution to the various shortcomings these systems have for the enthusiast of retro systems. It is accessible, by being open source and fully documented. It is convenient to play by working as an emulator with single-file roms. It is simple for game creators to understand and program. And making the console more capable than the 8-bit alternatives will allow for better games that encourage both players and creators.