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Vircon32: Home page

Vircon32 is a new game console, created from scratch. It is a 32-bit system created with the goal of being as simple as possible, but still having enough features to support full, elaborate games. Would you like to play it? Just download the emulator and some games or demos, and you are ready to go.

As the name implies, Vircon32 is a 32-bit virtual console: it is only intended to exist as an emulated system. There are no plans for any physical version. You can read more about this console in section "What is Vircon32", or watch this video to have an idea of the kind of games you can expect from it.

To give a quick idea, the main features of this console are the following:

Vircon32 is free, and the project is open source. You can download the emulator and roms using the menu at the left. If you are interested on how the console works, there will be quick guides and a full specification available.

You can also learn how to make games for Vircon32: aside from the mentioned guides, you can download the development tools and tutorials.