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Vircon32: Test ROMs

This is a small collection of test programs for Vircon32. It serves 2 purposes: to let you have a sample of the different console capabilities, and to be used to test Vircon32 emulators. You can download them here:

Link Sources Vircon32 test ROMs (version: 2024.02.24)
The full set of test ROMs for Vircon32 emulators.

For you to see what test programs are included, here you can see some screenshots of the different test programs running. Each of them is intended to test different aspects of the console so that emulators can have a reasonably complete test suite available.

Minimal test
Date and time test
Gamepads test
Rotation and zoom test
Large zoom test
Blending modes test
Tile map test
Math functions test
Random numbers test
Beat editor test
Sound effects test
Memory card test
CPU errors test