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Vircon32: Home page

Vircon32 is a new game console, created from scratch. It is a 32-bit system created with the goal of being as simple as possible, but still having enough features to support full, elaborate games.

As the name implies, Vircon32 is a 32-bit virtual console: it is meant as a standard that could be implemented either in software or hardware. Want to know more about the console? Keep reading this website. You can also watch this video to have an idea of the kind of games you can expect from it.

Would you like to play it? Just download the emulator and some games or demos, and you are ready to go. Everything in this project is free and open source!

In terms of power this console is based on the 32-bit era of home consoles. However, to keep simplicity, it has no 3D capabilities. To give you a quick idea, the main features of Vircon32 are the following:

If you are interested on how the console works, use the sections at the left to find the quick guides. There is also full specification available. And if your thing is making games you can also download the development tools and tutorials.